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in4COM Group developed a new solution to simplify the delivery of Marketplaces and Billing functions for service providers to help them monetizing new business ecosystems. Our solution is applicable to such business domains / scenarios like: Cloud services marketplaces, IoT platforms, Sharing economy platforms, e-Commerce solutions, Loyalty cards business, large partner networks, etc.
Major functional features of our solution are:

• Clients & Partners relationship management (registries, types, associated parameters and business rules)

• Different types of products / services / resources / transaction types within single platform

• Product catalogue management for products and services composition

• Billing based on recurring rules (recurring and one-off charges, discounts, etc.) and on service transaction details (EDRs of any type)

• Hot rating and balance update (with payments processing)

• Instant billing for all relevant partners within single services transaction / event

• Web access for all user types, including partners. Customers and partners self-care portal, which can be incorporated into customer web environment and supports content management

• User roles and access rights (with regional / geo matrix if required) within own User DB or solutions like LDAP/AD

• Resources and registries management (generic and services-related)

• Registries of business rules for transactions/ events rating and billing, provisioning, notification

• Electronic documents (invoices, etc.) automated generation

• Services provisioning HL workflow support (orchestration)

• Services events collection and mediation

• Notifications and alarming

• Standard reports for all user types and OLAP tools for ad hoc reporting

• North- and South-end integration interfaces


Sharing economy & IoT solution white paper